Hello to you all,

As St Paul Lutheran gradually returns to worshipping at the church, we need to address the question of how we may do a Sunday Bible Class going forward.  As you know we had begun doing an online Bible Class at 11:00 on Sundays right about the time that quarantine was mandated.  As we return to regular Sunday worship services starting at 9:30, we wish to consider allowing some class members to be present in the room we had used for class before, and others to be connected via computer at the same time.  We will be pursuing how this may be done using the resources presently available to us, but there are a few technical details which will need to be worked out.  For the immediate future, I will continue to lead an online Bible Class from the computer in my home office.

However, in order for me to return home after Church is out, setup the Google Meet, and arrange the materials I will be using for the day, I will need to delay our start time by one (1) hour.  Tomorrow, July 5 I intend to begin the class at 12:00 p.m.  In addition to continuing further into the Book of Hosea, I wish to allow for some discussion of the options for start time.  Will you be able to make it to a class that late?  What start time would you personally prefer?  If I am delayed by traffic or circumstances, would you be willing to wait for me to begin?  How long?  

The link will be the same as before. If you need the link we are using for Google Meet, send a message to

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at 12:00

Pastor Knapp