You may call the church office, (708)867-5044, to speak with me Monday - Thursday, from 7:30AM to 3:00PM. I am off on Fridays and I am not at church Saturdays and Sundays, other than for worship, Bible Class or Confirmation. If you leave a message for me at church I will not be able to listen to your message until I return to the office.

You may email me at currently unavailable at any time. I can view emails on my computer and smart phone. I will respond to your email as I am able or as needed.

In the event of an emergency you may call my Cell Phone at currently unavailable (I do not have a home phone). If I do not answer please leave a voice message. I do not answer my phone while driving and during other personal time. I will catch up to your message and return a call as soon as possible

Your servant in Christ, Pastor Dan

Who Is Pastor Dan Teller?

Pastor Daniel J. Teller was baptized and confirmed at Trinity Lutheran Church, Utica, Michigan. He graduated from Adlai Stevenson High School, Sterling Heights, Michigan, with honors and a four year scholarship in Forensics from Eastern Michigan University.

After one year at Eastern Michigan University, Pastor Dan was employed by Borman’s Inc., Detroit Michigan, as part of their management team for 11 years. During that time Sharon worked at S. S. Kresge World Headquarters in Troy, Michigan.

Pastor Dan and Sharon met in high school, were engaged at their senior prom, and were married August 18, 1973. Sharon was confirmed in the Lutheran Faith in 1972, by Pastor Don Waldo, at Redemption, Sterling Heights. Their 42 years of marriage has been blessed with two sons, Michael and Christopher. Later they were blessed with a daughter-in-law, Angela, who married Christopher. Chris and Angie were blessed with two daughters, Isabella Faith and Lilliana Grace, Papa and Nana’s cherished granddaughters.

In 1983, with two sons in tow, Pastor Dan and Sharon moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Pastor Dan began to prepare for the Holy Ministry, enrolling in the Pre-Seminary Program at Concordia. Sharon worked at Domino’s World Headquarters while they were in Ann Arbor. In 1986, Pastor Dan graduated from Concordia, Ann Arbor, with a double major in Psychology and Sociology.

While Sharon continued to work at Domino’s, Pastor Dan commuted from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Ft. Wayne, Indiana as a Seminary Student. He served his vicarage at Holy Cross, St. Cloud, Minnesota, under Rev. David Strohschein. He also completed two units of Clinical Pastoral Education at Catherine McAuley Health Center’s Mercywood Psychiatric Facility while studying at the Seminary. On May 18, 1990, Pastor Dan received his Master of Divinity Degree from Concordia Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. He majored in Practical Theology.

Pastor Dan was ordained into the Holy Ministry at his home congregation, Redemption, Sterling Heights, Michigan, who supported his seminary education. He was installed as Assistant Pastor at St. Paul, Dolton, IL, on July 8, 1990, faithfully serving in that capacity until he was installed as Senior Pastor on February 23, 1993. He continued to serve at St. Paul, while supervising two vicars who are now serving as pastors in the Chicago area.

In 1996, Pastor Dan was called to serve Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and Sonshine Prechool, Prospect Heights, IL. He served there for sixteen years. Sharon worked for CFIndustries Headquarters, while he served Our Redeemer.

In 2012, Pastor Dan was called to serve Grace Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, Ohio. He served there for three years.

Pastor Dan resigned his call to Grace, September 30 due to family health issues, financial hardships and they moved back into their home in Round Lake, IL.

Pastor Dan has faithfully served the larger Lutheran Church Missouri Synod by developing and serving on the Board of Directors of the five district Great Lakes Great Commission Initiative, `93-01. Pastor Dan served the Northern Illinois District for 21 years as: District Representative to the Great Commission Convocation `93, member of the Board of Evangelism (3 yrs.), Regional and General Pastoral Conference Registrar (5 yrs.), DE II Trainer, Stephen Ministry Trainer, Peacemaker Trainer, District Secretary (9 yrs.), North Region Vice President (6 yrs.), District Board of Directors (5 mos.). Pastor Dan has also served as South Region Vice President (3 years) in the Ohio District. Pastor Dan has also served Synod on the LCMS Convention Nominations Committee (1 term) and on the LCMS Convention Floor Committee on Structure and Governance (3 terms).

Pastor Dan and Sharon have completed three years of ministry education at the Pastoral Leadership Institute.

Pastor Dan and Sharon have been involved in ministry together at St. Paul, Dolton, where she served as school secretary while he served as pastor, and they attended numerous National Youth Gatherings together and served as joint Youth Leaders. They have also served together in ministry at Our Redeemer, where they led a support group for members who were dealing with cancer in their family, and Sharon served as Treasurer while he was pastor.

Sharon is a faithful helpmate of Pastor Dan, as she has supported him and the family through his 7 years of pre-seminary and seminary education, and 25 years of ministry.

The Lord has led them on a wonderful journey which has brought them back to the Chicago area for their 15th move in their 42 years of marriage.

Pastor Dan and Sharon are excited to be back in the Chicago area. Sharon is presently employed at, Piper Plastics, in Libertyville, IL.

Pastor Dan and Sharon are members of Lord of Glory, Grayslake, their membership will be transferred to St. Paul since Pastor Dan has accepted the call to St. Paul. They are planning to sell their home in Round Lake and find housing half way between their places of employment.