Green Team

The Missions of
St. Paul Lutheran Church and St. Paul Early Childhood Center Green Team:
· To become better stewards of the land and facilities under our
management and to reduce our carbon footprint.
· To encourage our members through education to become better
stewards of their homes and personal resources and reduce their
individual or family carbon footprints.
· To reduce our costs in energy consumption and free those
monies up for ministry uses.
· To become a beacon in the community on environmental
responsibility and spread those methods while glorifying God.

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and those
who dwell therein, Psalm 24:1


Solar panels on the roof of the Early Childhood Center....
project has been approved!
Using renewable energy will not only save on electric bills, but is a benefit for the nearby community as well. Installing solar will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Rooftop solar will also promote the use of renewable energy in the immediate neighborhood.
The presence of solar panels should ignite student and parent interest in clean energy.This addition will also create real opportunities for learning and teaching.

The upfront cost for this system - over 200 solar panels generating about 127,000 kwh per year - is approximately $175,000. Please consider donating to this worthwhile on the button for easy online donations!

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ComEd Energy Efficiency Program has been approved.
A total of $11,191.50 in incentives has been reserved for our project.

June 28, 2021

Installation has begun!
Over 600 light bulbs are being removed,
being replaced with about 200 higher efficiency lights.

June 15, 2021

Funds have been donated towards the following Green initiatives:

Cordless Electric Tools $3000

Hybrid Electric Water Heater $1500

All-Electric Oven(s) $2000

Cost of Electrical Work $3500

Total $10000